Christmas is the time of the year for celebrations.

It’s the time of the year that we get to spend amongst family, friends and enjoy all the glorious foods and hive of activities and festivities that come along with it.  

You might be thinking, “But, how do I stay on Track?!!”.  

And the answer is actually really simple...

It’s not the time to be dieting, or trying to lose weight. Throughout this period your aim should be to maintain

It’s very easy to lose sight of what is important in life.

Now more than ever, especially after the year we have had, enjoying precious moments with family and friends needs to be a priority on the list. Regardless of how frustrating some family functions can be! 😉 

When life returns to normality, and you are back to your routine, that’s the time to start getting laser focused towards your fitness journey. 

Christmas is however that time of the year that we get an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labour throughout the year – quality time with the kids, family and friends. Enjoying the active things.

If you try to focus on being strict throughout this period you’ll find it very challenging.

I’m not saying it can’t be done and I’m not giving you a green pass to completely fall off the wagon. It’s just an opportunity to be really present and allow yourself to relax and unwind. 

Here are my hot tips to help you enjoy your Christmas, but still stay on track.  

  • Aim to fill half your plate full of fresh fruit and vegetables with as many colours as you can. If you are bringing something then ensure it’s a salad or vegetables so that you will always have something to eat. 
  • Choose plain mineral water over soft drink or diet soft drink
  • Aim for weight management. If you are still on your weightloss journey it might be more realistic to aim for weight maintenance during the festive season. It’s good practice for how you’re going to eat long term after you’ve lost your weight. Resume your weight loss routine in the new year.
  • Make a fruit based dessert. In Australia we have access to some of the most delicious fruits bursting with a tonne of flavour and vitamins which are all great for you. Think mango, fresh berries, stone fruit, melons and more!
  • Go for quality not quantity. During the festive season we all eat, eat, and eat more.  All justified because it’s Christmas.  So, unfortunately it doesn’t take long for those extra kilojoules to start to add up. So my tip, go for quality not quantity.  Instead of having four gingerbread men, have one and enjoy it.  Instead of quickly drinking six glasses of wine, have two and enjoy it.  Instead of eating half a pavlova, half that slice again, and enjoy it. It’s all about eating your favourite foods over the festive season in moderation!
  • Make some memories. Get out some sporting equipment, get active  and get outdoors for your family get togethers. Backyard cricket, Bochi, coits, badminton, hide and seek, water fights – it’s actually really fun playing these as an adult; when you look back on this Christmas these are the things that will stick with you… trying new things… being a kid again.
  • Experience Christmas meals and eat mindfully. How often do we eat a meal and not enjoy or appreciate the people we are with, or the food itself?  This year, be present during family meals, appreciate those around you, laugh, talk and be merry! Take your time eating. Put your fork down between each bite, enjoy the flavours of food and enjoy your Christmas meal experience.

Lots of love over this time for everyone out there – no matter how you’re celebrating this time of year. Look after yourself. Be mindful, grateful and live in each precious moment we’re given.

Love De.

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