Is CrossFit bad for you?

I once had this client who came to me for conditioning but was careful to specifically ask not to be trained in crossfit. It didn’t bother me because my job is to show my clients what their bodies can achieve and that’s not always going to be a CrossFit pathway. Nevertheless she mentioned it to me a few times during our sessions, so one day I asked her… why?

“So I went to a CrossFit competition once and I was pretty dumbfounded at all the bad technique I could see. People using their back just to get through reps made me cringe big time.” She answered.

“Sure, sure.” I said. And Paused. “Let me ask you something… have you ever had a bad hair cut?”

Confused, she answered, “Ummm yeh.”

“What about a bad meal at a restaurant?”

“OMG yes!” She said, laughing.

I went on to explain to her that just like there’s good and bad hairdressers, there’s also good and bad CrossFit coaches. 

You see, there’s good and bad in every industry. How can we all possibly hit the exact same formula perfectly every time? We can’t. We’re humans – it’s in our nature to get things wrong.

The point is – just as there’s good and bad… there’s also bloody amazing CrossFit coaches. There’s boxes where you jump through the door, you’re so excited. There’s coaches you hug when you see and feel sad when you leave. There’s good and bad in everything.

So how to tell?

It’s all in the atmosphere. If you go to a coach or a Box and get a sense of calm about you. If you walk through the doors or show up at your coach’s house and a smile spreads across your face. If you feel safe, and competent and like you can totally hit those numbers. If nothing can stop you from putting that training time aside week after week – you’re in the right place.

If you don’t feel those things… keep looking.

Oh, and that client I mentioned? She’s never stopped training with me. When COVID forced us to stop training she was right at my door as soon as restrictions lifted. And the other day she asked me if I could train her to compete at CrossFit comps for 2021 (watch out CrossFitters she’s coming for you ;)).

So there you go. It’s really got nothing to do with whether CrossFit is good or bad for you. It’s about what’s right for you, what resonates, what fits, what motivates, what lifts you up.

Happy lifting everyone!

Lots of love, De x

#stayinyourlanemichaels #olimpicliftingisforeveryone

P.S. If you’re curious to know what it’s like to be Coached by me go ahead and drop me a DM or email me at

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