Denae Brown

A handy little trick to help you with your hip hinge

1. Grab yourself a piece of dowel, hold one hand at the top and one hand at the bottom. Align it along your spine.It will need it to be in contact with the middle of the back of your head, your upper back and tailbone.

2. From the hips “First” fold over. I want you to imagine a door hinging. This is the same action we are looking for in the hips. Imagine that someone is poking their fingers into your hip flexors and helping you to drive your butt backwards.

3. Feel the tension in your hamstrings as you fold over, keep your back in contact with the dowel when you are almost parallel or there is too much tension in your hamstrings you can add your knees slightly. (remember hips first, then add in knees)

We want to predominantly promote the action coming from the hips, before you add in the knees to take the tension off of your hamstrings.

* If you are lifting straight leg, or stiff legged you won’t add any knees into the movement.

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