the butterfly effect

Spend enough time with me and eventually you’ll hear me talk about the butterfly effect.

I’m not talking about the movie, I’m talking about the whole-hearted acceptance that even when we do something we think is inconsequential this can have impacts we might never see..

At the moment there’s a really important shift happening on social media. This shift is about standing united against racism and making a conscious choice to be better humans.

It takes courage to make a change and it takes courage to be the change you want to see..

So do something courageous today… think about your butterfly effect… are there things you can do differently to help create the positive change this world needs to see?

It’s time to come together.

To step forward, not to forget the past and turn a blind eye, which has been done for decades, but to be proactive in our approach to creating long lasting changes that creates the paradigm shift we need… to see us live in a better world that thrives on equality..

Let’s start by learning more, let’s start having more conversations, let’s start by giving voice, opportunity and intervention to those who’ve felt voice-less, let’s start by being consistent in our action, let’s look towards supporting organisations like @jbnproject which help provide solutions and opportunities.

Because we can all do more – so let’s just do it… let’s be better… let’s do better.

#ican’tbreate #dobetter #bebetter #australia #equality

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