battling pre-comp nerves

Denae Brown Coaching

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink”

This morning I was chatting with a client who is going into comp for her American Football season tomorrow… she asked me if I experienced nerves when going into my comps, and for how long.

I said: absolutely yes! For about a week. After a while I realised it was purely my own mental game prior to comp… negative self-talk getting in the way of my goals. The mental pressure of knowing you’re putting yourself into a high-stress situation is really challenging.

So – here’s the tips I gave to her:

🔥 When the negative self talk starts to happen on game-day start to sing a song to immediately interrupt the pattern of those thoughts

🔥 Know that nervousness is a part of the process, and can help you play, but be mindful of keeping them in check when you need it

🔥 Meditate, breathing exercises, anything calming to bring down the stress levels

🔥 Drink lots of water

🔥 Don’t neglect your nutrition – the body needs fuel

Good luck to anyone on the precipice of their competitive season! Remember, you’ve done the work that’s about to pay off… you got this!

Lots of love on this #friyay lovely legends! 💚

quote by Gina Carey

Cool clothes and that very pretty barbell by @chasingbetter_wod_supplies

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