Fail to plan, Plan to Fail

You’re probably heard this quote 1000 times before. Some of you might think, well gosh that’s seems pretty obvious De, while others might nod, yep.. and think nothing more of it. 

The thing is, what I have learnt over years in business, on the competition floor and setting up ventures in life is that if you don’t have a clear overarching plan – it is very easy to lose sight of your target.

Get off track – lose motivation when something doesn’t go right. Get distracted and stop going after what you once had hoped to achieve. That all sounds pooh to me!

For those of you following me for a while you will know that I talk a lot about mindset and while YES, I absolutely think that mindset plays a massive role in helping you to successfully achieve your goals in life… what I also want to say is that please do not underestimate the value in writing your goals down and setting out some structure and a plan which is going to help get you there. 

When you can strategise, and put a plan in place it keeps you in the driver’s seat – having a winning mindset will help when the road gets bumpy and you need to strap yourself in, pick yourself back up and start again.

But a plan helps you to stay on course, keeps structure and ensures you can stay on track even when you get thrown off of course.

What’s your favourite way to make your plan? Pinterest? Vision board? I’d love to hear your best planning tips! Let me know in the comments below.

💜 De

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