using motion to break bad habits

Sometimes it’s an absolute struggle to roll out of bed… You know the feeling it’s been a long week, the never ending to do list seems impossible to get through, external stressors and responsibilities of life…it all starts to weigh you down and creep in. 

The thoughts of actually achieving anything of real significance seems totally overwhelming and cumbersome. 

And really, all you want to do for the day is make a quick v-line to the couch to sit there watching TV and eating crisp chips. 

The thing is sometimes… Yes, SOMETIMES this is absolutely essential and a necessity. 

It’s important on some occasions to allow yourself “GUILT FREE” to recover, and rejuvenate and as Vivian (played by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman said) “Yeah. Be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli”.

You see, the problem comes when this mindset creeps in day in day out and it becomes a familiar routine. 

Weeks, months pass. 

The excuses continue to build up, and knowing what you know you need to do continually get’s put off. 

We all do it!

I’ll start tomorrow, I’m too tired, sore, it’s not the right time, next month, no equipment, too busy, no energy and so on… 

Yep, Even I am afraid to say that I too have fallen victim. 

The things is, even as I write this, I can’t help but think to myself.. What possibly on earth can be more important than taking care of your health?!


No seriously what? 

Is your long term future important to you? Do you like feeling confident and strong? Do you like clearing your head? Do you like the serotonin flow that runs through your body after a workout? Do you like being able to pick your kids up, running with your kids? Do you like feeling energetic? 

If so, then why? Why do we not put a significant value on this? 

You know I’m here to say that I too fall victim to it, putting everything else first because “life” it’s more important to get to first. As a single mother there are many occasions in which I am always juggling many hats, and yes, I’m here to say when I don’t find 20 minutes in a day to exercise it’s simply because I too am finding an “excuse”. 

OH how dare I say that word! But, seriously folks that’s all it is. 

The one thing I know at the heart of it is, is that I am not looking after myself and I’m not putting myself as a priority. 

And the thing is I want more for myself, and I want more for you too! 

I want you to be able to show up in life, and I know that at the foundation of that is looking after yourself with good nutrition and exercise. It’s the foundations.. To help you be a better mother, father, daughter, son, lover, wife, husband, friend and so on…

So please take care of yourself. 

It’s simply not possible to build a solid high rise when the foundations are shaky. 

And I know this year has been crazy, I hear you, who could have predicted what has happened. 

Everyone has had to constantly overcome and adapt to a new way of living, we have all been totally thrown off of track this year, some more than others. 

But I want to help you, I want to help you to get back on track, even during these uncertain times, because I want you to be a better mother, a better father, a better daughter, son, lover, wife, husband.

I want you to show up in life and be able to present yourself as the best possible version of yourself you can be!!

I love these TOP three tips from the minimalists to allow you to break the pattern and take action! And you know what the best part is, they are all pretty easy! 

“1. Accountability Partners. Together, your two authors, exercise with each other five days a week. It helps to have someone else there to make sure we show up when we need to show up and to make sure we give it a little extra effort each time. Who is your accountability partner? It can be via phone, in person, or even email or text. Get one.

2. Take the First Step. We tend to put things off, especially boring or mundane tasks (doing the dishes, laundry, writing, etc.), but if we take the first step, we get momentum and we are much more likely to complete the task. Sometimes we just need to take that first step—as difficult as that might seem at times—and the rest falls in line.

3. Change Your State. If we don’t feel like getting up or doing anything, we will drastically change our physiology (go for a walk, do push-ups, change our breathing, run as fast as we can for 30 seconds, etc.). Motion creates emotion.

These three things will get you moving in the right direction”.

Remember – habits are built through repetition and repeat. Go after it and create positive results for yourself through action.

Let me know how you go in the comments!

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