learn to love your lunge

Revive one of those famously painful movements to start loving your lunge.

Here’s some movement tips to help…

🔥 As you drop your body straight ⤵️ down, aim to keep the knee tracking over the toes and your chest up, and eyes looking straight forward.

🔥 Keep the weight of your body evenly spread throughout the lunge don’t allow it to shift.

🔥 As you drop your knee down keep your hip and shoulder in alignment.

🔥 To return to start position ⤴️ push through the ground through your front heel and back toe.

🔥 The key is to remain upright by squeezing your glutes as you return to the top.

🔥 You’re working your buns, hamstrings, quads and core.

There’s tonnes of lunge variations to keep things interesting. When you start adding weight you need to make sure you are remaining upright and stable throughout the movement, so your focus is your breathing and core.

As you feel confident with that you can increase the weight but make sure you’re stable throughout the entire movement before you increase, and don’t increase too quickly… slow and steady wins the race.

How real is your lunge game? Hit me up below!

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