Add a little self-care into your diet

Self care usually takes two forms:

  1. Proactive: you go for walks and prep good food, you book coffee dates and enjoy quiet time outside reading your book because you know it keeps you sane, relaxed and makes you feel good.
  2. Reactive: everything sucks and I’m exhausted and grumpy and now I’m 10 beers and a block of chocolate deep.

I think we’ve all experienced a few rounds of #2 lately.

Both are important. But it’s super important to realise which one we need. It’s important to know when and how to make better choices in the lead up to ensure we don’t land in the reactive, chocolate covered, drunk, snoring kinda self care too often.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those things, but if that’s our daily go-to to take the pressure off and make it through another week – we’ll guarantee our loss of health even if we don’t catch this scary virus.

We all need self care. We need time off. We need good sleep. We need fruit and vegetables, exercise and stress relief, social lives and cuddles.

If we don’t get it, because work or life or whatever else gets in the way, we start to lose our minds a little.

And once we’re overwhelmed, exhausted and grumpy – good luck choosing the fresh grapes over the bottle of wine! (How dare I even suggest it!!)

So in this crazy era – be kind to yourself. Understand with everything up in the air there will be a few more beers and a few more nights on the couch with your chocolate.

But when you’re feeling okay for a minute – shift some energy to your pro-active self care. Book a zoom coffee date before you ‘need it’. Prep a big batch of veggies even though you’ve been eating okay. Hug your partner a little longer before they head to work even while you’re relationship is cruising. Go to bed on time even though you don’t need to be up so early.

Be good to yourself way before you hit the wall. Save the chocolate for when you can really enjoy it! 🍫🍷

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