Crossfit … competing with fear

CrossFit Competition taught me a lot about myself. How to be made of grit, and perseverance, how to challenge myself, and how to learn to live with fear and disappointment. Especially when things don’t work out exactly how they were supposed to.

It taught me a lot about picking myself up through disappointment and how to stay focused on the path forward.

I remember, like clockwork, a week out of competition I would get extremely nervous. I would start to doubt myself and my ability, my training. Had I had done enough?

I soon learned that this was just part of the process and part of the emotions I would experience as a competing athlete.

If it wasn’t for a strong WHY, I reckon I would have talked myself out of many competitions. I would have given up and quit.

I remember thinking how easy life would be if I didn’t put this kind of pressure on myself. How less stressed I would be. How much more time I would have. I didn’t need to try to do something, well, “out of the ordinary”.

The thing is … with great risk, comes great reward.

And there is something I learned to love more than the fear of disappointment… And that was the feeling of accomplishment … after you have worked your arse off, you’ve left no stone unturned, and you’ve given it your all.

Regardless of the outcome, there honestly is no better feeling.

Absolutely EVERYBODY experiences fear when they start down a new path. The unknown is ridiculously scary… think about it… as humans, we spend a hell of a lot of energy making things repetitive and easy on ourselves.

Fear is a natural and normal human response. When we learn from it, we grow. When we overcome it, we grow. And, in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? Growing, challenging, accomplishing.

And how lucky am I that I get to be here with you on your journey and you with me.

Together, we got this šŸ’š

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