Are you setting yourself up for success?

Does your environment impact your goals?

Believe it or not, what is around us can shape our behaviour, the decisions we make and the habits we form. 

You might be someone who has strong willpower or motivation to stay on track. 

However, sometimes when we are in an environment with lots of temptation that willpower and motivation to be a better version of yourself can get railroaded. 

So, if you are truly looking to make lasting changes to create the vision of the person you want to see … start with your environment. 

Create an environment which is there to support and help you. 

Here are 4 top tips from Precision Nutrition @insidePN

  1. Reduce or eliminate foods that don’t support your goals
  2. Add foods that do help your goals and make them readily available, easy to prepare and use. 
  3. Clean up the kitchen in general, and add kitchen tools, so that it’s a nice place to cook and eat calmly
  4. Have a conversation with others around the household about what might be helpful, and recruit support.

The key to getting what you want is to create a physical and social environment which is in alignment with your goals. 

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